Why did you start the comic from the beginning again?:
Good question! And I have a good answer for that. I felt like it. I was constantly frustrated with the old comic, how nothing was getting said or done that I really wanted said and done. I was so busy doing everyone else's ideas, and trying to make others happy, that I felt like I was losing control of my own project. So I decided to do it over again. This time all of my own head, and I'm no longer trying to make anyone happy.

Why did you change the style again? I liked the style from (insert date here)!
I keep changing the style because I'm trying to find my own individual style. And I'm trying as hard as I can not to make my comic look anime anymore. I have no problem with anime, but anime artists are a dime a dozen and I want to break away from that pack and transcend to another level of art. Anime artists also rarely ever get their own comics published in the mainstream market, also. (mainstream being: a store, as opposed to being sold on some dinky website for mangas created by otakus) Anyway.. since I spent so many years drawing anime, everything I touched turned into anime for the longest time. I think I might finally now have broken free of my art being classified as 'anime'.

Is Skewed Reality really about your life?
Gar I'm so tired of this question. Even after all the faqs.. SR is a parody of my life. There are aspects in the comic based off of fact, like Kyle being my boyfriend in real life, Alex, Meranda, Ziik, Paddy, Chris, and Rachel and whatever children of theirs I mention being real people and my actual friends.. But there are other aspects of the comic that are just based off of random things in my life. Zack and Jon aren't real, they were going to be the main characters in a book I worked on for fourteen years but never wrote past chapter four on. Skittles started out as a replacement character but turned into the manifestation of my "oh so goth" years in highschool. Jim is the manifestation of my awkwardness around women.. I always thought I could be rich, successful and good looking and -still- end up chasing women off because I don't know how to speak to them. Ect ect with the characters.. The situations in the comic are based off of thoughts, ideas, feelings, and random crazy thoughts I have.. The CCC was created because I'm so deep in debt with so many people who have an odd habit of finding me wherever I go. I thought maybe there was a collective collections corperation where they all have meetings to talk about my whereabouts and send ninja spies after me. c_c' Um.. anyway.. yeah. Long explanation short, the comic itself is the "essance of andy".

Why haven't you written me back?!
Holy shit you emailed me?! Sorry folks, I have a terrible habit of forgetting to read my emails. Whenever I do write you back, you bet it'll be filled with apologies for being such an untimely reply. I promise, I'm not ignoring you, or being an asshole. I'm just horribly horribly horribly horribly horribly horribly um.. what was I talking about?

Can I draw fanart/write fanfiction of myself having sex with (insert name here)?
Sure! :D Show me, too! But I can't put that on the site, it would be weird.

Can I draw fanart/write fanfiction of my character having sex with (insert name here)?
Sure! :D Show me, too! And I -can- put that up on the site, since it would be hella less weird.

Can I draw fanart/write fanfiction of myself/my character having sex with you/your Andy character?
o.o no.

Can I have sex with you? :D
D: no.

Since you draw furry art and have a fursona, are you a furry?
No. But my boyfriend is a furry.

Will you draw for me? :D
Will you pay me? :D

When are we getting the Andy coffee mugs and Platypi Revolution t-shirts!
When I'm sure I hadn't wasted my time making them just so no-one will buy them! dammit. I won't have another sad sad scene like when I put those prints up for sale. "We want prints!" "...Oh, you made them? Well.. we don't actually -have- money.. c_c" *sniff*

Can I give you ideas/suggestions for your comic?
Nein! I don't take suggestions anymore. I don't care that I said I wasn't before, I was, but now I'm really not.

Get off of my website, you fucking illiterate!

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